Earth Awards

BOMA Canada's National Earth Awards are BOMA Canada's recognition of excellence in resource preservation and environmentally sound commercial building management.

Awards are presented to buildings that have made significant efforts to address environmental issues faced by older and newer buildings. Judging is based on a building description & summary, reduction of environmental risk, indoor air quality & green cleaning, recycling, energy conservation, water conservation, interior finish, green purchasing policy, occupant communications & education, and a case study. Each building must poccess valid BOMA BESt certification.

Winners at the local level will receive an invitation to enter into the BOMA Canada National Awards along with a registration form, directly from BOMA Canada.Once qualified, national applicants are provided access to the BOMA International online awards portal where they can upload their entries. The online system is also used for judging at the national level.

Key Dates for this year's awards cycle.

National Earth Awards Criteria & Entry Requirements

  • 2016 National Earth Awards Criteria & Entry Requirements

  • International Earth Award Criteria & Entry Requirements

    National winners (Office category only) eligible to continue on to the International competition are contacted by BOMA Canada to confirm their intent to participate prior to BOMA International's consideration of their existing online entry. Entrants will be required to adhere to current BOMA International TOBY® Awards criteria and entry requirements. Entrants will be provided access to their National entries prior to International competition.

  • International Earth Award Criteria & Entry Requirements